About Me

Katie Morris - Author CallMeKatieBugHi! I’m Katie, but you can call me Katie Bug. Katie Bug is an old camp nickname from my beloved youth church camp, Camp Deer Run. Deer Run is where I met my soulmate, Dusty. Dusty and I got married in 2014. I got pregnant August of 2016 and our son, Maverick, surprised us all by arriving early at 29 weeks in February 2017. I had severe preeclampsia and had to deliver Maverick by emergency c-section. He only weighed 2lb 6oz when he was born. That’s 1077 grams for my British buddies. He was in the NICU for 2 months but it felt like a lifetime. He is a NICU graduate and thriving!

This blog is about me, my life, my son, my thoughts, opinions and experiences. I have a beautiful, wonderful life. Why not share it with the world?

A few more facts about me:

  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from LeTourneau University.
  • I have a Master’s degree in Marketing from Texas A&M University – Commerce.
  • I hate vegetables.
  • I am a Christian.
  • I have a golden retriever named Lucy
  • I enjoy sewing, quilting, and all things crafty
  • I live in Paris… Texas… not the fancy one.