The Blogger Burnout

Hey folks, Katie here talking about avoiding blogger burnout today. Taking on a blogging career is becoming more and more popular among Millennial and Gen Xers. A way to make money while creating your own schedule is quite appealing to the masses. It sounds like the dream job, right? But just like any startup, the blog begins to consume your life. All of your thoughts are surrounded by your blog. Suddenly every extra penny you have is going into photography tools, e-mail lists and online blogging courses. You actually start spending LESS time with family and more time on the computer. Eventually you look up and realize your life isn’t want you imagined it would be when you began blogging. So you do one of two things, you change your time management or you just quit altogether. Blogger burnout can break a blogger in less than 4 months. It almost happened to me.

Avoiding Blogger Burnout

How I Overcame the Blogger Burnout

In my mind I thought I would immediately get offers from brands at high dollar amounts just to post about them. I was naive in thinking that just because I had a blog meant I was important somehow. I learned that without quality content, my blog was nothing. If I kept blogging about things like “My Favorite Things” or “My Travel Bucketlist” and other things that no one really cares about I wasn’t going to build an audience. So I began writing about things that could help people like “How to Save on Your Winter Electric Bill” and about our journey to paying off $60k in debt in one year. Or more personal stories like “Our NICU journey” and “My Preeclampsia Story“, you know, the kind of content that draws people in. I began focusing on quality content and only posting when I was inspired to post, rather than cranking out 2 crappy posts a week like some sort of robot. I overcame blogger burnout by being self aware and getting exactly what I wanted out of my blog by using my time wisely.

Time Management

I used to spend hours researching before I posted a blog. Whether it was for different types of high heel shoes or ways to cut down on carbs, I made sure I fully knew what I was talking about before I posted. A great work ethic but not necessary. I don’t really have to know ALL the things to post. I found out that people were more interested in MY opinion of the things I was posting about rather than the things themselves. So I began to write about my personal experiences with life’s pressures and body confidence. Things that people can really identify with. This took less time since I already know my own thoughts! Unfortunately this doesn’t leave a ton of room to make money if you are writing about yourself all day long. But I found a loophole.

debt free is the way to be

My Online Course

I started an online budgeting course and it made me a little bit of cash. I wanted to price it properly ($10 for the whole course and materials) so people on a budget could afford it. First, I spent a few weeks focusing on building it up and then launched it at the beginning of August. Honestly, I had very few people sign up. But I helped those people! And the course is made and I can promote it at any time. I’m planning on really pushing it towards the new year. I could go a month without making anything at all or have a month where I make enough to go shopping for new clothes. If you are interested in my online budgeting course, click here to check it out. It is self paced, only $10 and it includes a meal planner printable and my own personal budgeting spreadsheet. If you have a small knowledge about Excel, it helps!

Be Realistic

Try to write down your goals for your blog. Realistic goals. I was hoping I could make enough money to quit my job. However, that is completely unrealistic for me at this point. My blog is only 4 months old! So, at this point I would like to make enough money for the blog to pay for its self (hosting fees and all) and have a little extra so I can go shopping for myself. I never shop for myself, so this would be nice. Once I had a REALISTIC goal in mind, I didn’t feel so pressured. I also stopped feeling like a constant failure for not rolling in cash on a daily basis. I kept feeling like every day that passed that I didn’t make money on this blog was a complete failure of a day (which is just not true).

Blog the organized way

Get Organized

I have a blogging binder that is my holy grail for blogging. I have anything from blog ideas and scheduling to accounting and receipts. Learn more about my blogging binder here. I also have certain days where I don’t think about the blog at all. My “off” days allow me to mentally rest. This is the most important thing to do to avoid blogger burnout. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the comparison game and feel like you have to crank out a blog every 5 seconds just to keep up. Create your own manageable pace. If I post a blog two or three times a month I’m good with that. I used to consider that failure because I was posting 2-3 times a week. But now I see that quality content is much more important than the quantity of content posted. I try and plan ahead what I may want to post about. List a few ideas and just start writing.

Take A Break

If you have already been consumed by blogger burnout and you are simply “over it”. Step back for two weeks. Don’t post, don’t look at your view count. Just chill for two weeks. Then come back with a fresh mind and a new perspective. Its okay to step back. My main stressor is Instagram. I always feel “less than” on Instagram. So I went through and unfollowed 300 accounts that made me feel like that. I stopped posting as often, lost 500 followers, and I feel GREAT! I feel human again and I felt robotic before. Like an online sales person trying to sell myself. I hated it! But now I post what I want, when I want and for no one but myself and my (actual) friends.

Don’t Burn Out – Get Help!

So, bloggers, don’t burn out! Make sure you are creating the best work/life balance possible. Don’t be afraid to scale back or (if your blog is large enough)  hire some outside help to aide you in your work. Many bloggers feel they must do it all themselves. Let’s be real. Its okay to ask for help and more importantly its okay to NEED help. If you need help that doesn’t mean you are a failure. It means your human. Even Adam, the first human ever, needed a helper and that was okay. Keep truckin’ blog friends!

If you have overcome blogger burn out I want to hear about it! Drop a comment in my comments section!

I am a preeclampsia survivor and a preemie mom making my way through life as a wife, mom, friend and daughter. I enjoy writing, travel and photography, not to mention the Texas Rangers, fishing and quilting!


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