Everyone needs at least one friend that will stick with them through the highs and the lows of life. Me? I’ve got 7.

I’ve only come to realize just how important these friendships are in the past few years of my adult life. I wish I would have had this closeness with all of these girls in my early twenties, and I did with some of them. But I have been blessed 7 fold in the friendship department. To fully grasp the importance of friendship, I feel the need to introduce you to 7 women who I consider my best friends.

bobbieleaLet’s start with my friend Bobbie Lea. My first real memory of gaining a deeper friendship with Bobbie was in the 7th grade. I saw her crying on some steps by herself at school. I’d known Bobbie for many years since we attended the same school. But I didn’t have a deep friendship with her at that point. I sat on the steps, wrapped my arm around her and cried with her. I didn’t know what I was crying about, but I knew my friend was sad. I remember her talking about how floored she was in that moment. “So many people have walked past me, but you stopped.” And that is how our friendship is today. We try hard to not let life get in the way and pass each other by. We celebrate with each other, we cry with each other, we eat brownies and talk about boys and babies and I love her so much.

tessiNext is my newest friend and -dare I say -soul sister. Her name is Tessi and she is an extension of me. I’ve never met a more attentive, caring, thoughtful person. She and I are a lot alike in our thought processes, ideas, likes and dislikes. I met Tessi when I first moved to Paris, TX. I knew no one. I felt alone… and there was Tessi. We melted into friendship like a snocone on a hot summer day. It just goes. She’s always available to listen, to give advice, and to encourage me mentally, emotionally and most importantly, spiritually. When I was in the hospital with preeclampsia and Maverick was in the NICU, Tessi poured herself into scripture every day to find ways to encourage me in grief, motherhood and resentment. She shared scripture with me, prayed for me and is an endless well of support for me. I love her so much.

Lastly is a friends group. We don’t have a cool name for our group (we really should, let’s get on that, girls!) but we are a tight group. We talk every day. If you haven’t heard of the app Marco Polo, you need it in your life if you live far away from close friends. We stay in touch with each other, make sure doctor’s appointments go well, complain about our bad hair day, and cry about failures and celebrate victories. These women have become a must-have support system for me.

Sandy is our leading lady. She gets all the firsts: first one to get married, first one to have a baby, first one to build a house, first one to turn 30… first one to say a final goodbye to a parent. Some of her firsts are more fun than others. Sandy is the most experienced girl in our group and we all look up to her. Her sense of humor is unmatched and we can always count on her for an honest opinion. I love her so much.


is our positive thinker. She is our thoughtful person. She thinks of herself last and everyone else first. She is our organizer, party planner and adventurer. We all need a little Lauren in our lives. She’s creative, open minded and full of joy. She brings me up when I am down. I can always count on her to encourage me on my best and worst days. I love her so much.




Casey is our realist. She keeps things raw and open. Her laugh is infectious and I absolutely love hearing it every day over our MarcoPolo chats. She asks questions, shows a huge amount of compassion, and always provides us with a laugh. I can’t believe I knew Casey in high school but never really knew her deeply until now. I’m so incredibly lucky to be able to have her in my life. I love her so much.


is our conscious. Cortnie thinks logically and puts things in a different perspective for us. She’s our world traveler. We often live vicariously through her. She may disagree, but I consider her fearless. Her faith in God is inspiring and encouraging. She creates a desire deep within my soul to do better and be better. I crave time with Cortnie because she motivates me to be significant over being successful. I love her so much.


nia rader

Nia is our energy. She is lively, fun and sparkling! She is the sister I never had. She asks the hard questions, follows up on important subjects and works hard to make sure we all stay together. She makes something ordinary feel extraordinary. She breathes life into me when I’m down in the dumps. Her and I have been through so much together. She knows my favorite snacks, my fears, my goals and my heart.

I love her so much.


All 7 of these women are profoundly and intensely important to me.

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve fought, we’ve made up, we’ve shopped, we’ve exchanged beauty tips, work out suggestions and relationship advice. We’ve shared our deepest secrets and our wildest dreams. If you have someone you consider a friend but don’t feel this deeply about, I encourage you to reach out to them. Have lunch, have a Skype date, go shopping, help them with a project, send them a gift, do whatever you have to do to cultivate a deeper relationship with your friends. Find someone that isn’t related to you that can give you advice, a helping hand and a loving hug whenever you need it. Friendship is important. The older I get, the more I realize just how vital friendship is to a happy and well-rounded life.

Thank you, ladies, for making my life so beautiful. I love you all so much.



I am a preeclampsia survivor and a preemie mom making my way through life as a wife, mom, friend and daughter. I enjoy writing, travel and photography, not to mention the Texas Rangers, fishing and quilting!

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