How To Dress Modestly In Maternity Clothes

Comfort is King

Let’s face it, a giant belly isn’t always cute. It looks odd enough for people to stare at you at the supermarket and make inappropriate comments like “Well I see you’ve been busy!” (seriously… not cool). The ever-growing odd shape of your body makes getting dressed difficult.

I’ve seen photos of my mom and my aunts wearing these giant Moo-Moo dresses while they were pregnant. Gotta admit… it wasn’t cute. I’ve also seen Rachel from the TV show Friends let her belly hang out because that’s just what she felt like wearing that day. As a pregnant woman you can get so uncomfortable that being stylish while wearing maternity clothes is the last thing you care about – you just want comfort.

As the belly grows the boobs grow too. Shirts that once covered the “girls” is now suddenly showing more cleavage than you’d like. You may even have to invest in a new bra or underwear. With a growing bump and growing breasts, staying stylish, comfortable AND modest can be a challenge.

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Enter PinkBlush

I’ve seen a few other maternity stores online that REALLY show off the curves. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a sexy outfit every now and then, but when I’m pregnant I will opt for modesty 99% of the time. My pre-pregnancy clothes just aren’t covering what they need to cover anymore.

Enter PinkBlush.

PinkBlush sells modest, stylish maternity clothes as well as a range of styles for women, kids and babies. I had the pleasure of receiving a complimentary dress from PinkBlush and I have never felt so feminine and beautiful while pregnant before. The neckline is high but not “Hi, I’m Katie and I’m a nun” kind of high. The hem line was the perfect length because, lets face it, sitting while pregnant makes it difficult to look ladylike. The length of the dress was long enough so you couldn’t see up my dress when I sat down at my business meeting. It has a slip inside so didn’t overshare on my curves, which a greatly appreciate, but it still hugged me in all the right places. The material was soft and the dress was super comfortable overall.

It helps that I got tons of compliments on it! No better way to boost my self esteem than people telling me how great I look. As a Christian woman, wife and mother, modesty is important to me. It is one of the main things I look for in clothing when shopping online. To get something that is modest AND comfortable AND stylish is honestly hard to do. But PinkBlush makes it easy because they have so many gorgeous styles to choose from that really cater to the modest mommy.

Check them out – you won’t regret it! Here is their 2019 Spring Line . The dress I am pictured in is no longer available, but there are so many dresses to choose from – I suggest you browse the site!

Effortless Styling

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So now that you have the clothes, how can you dress it up? I really enjoy wearing maternity dresses because that means I don’t have to wear pants (true story). However, wearing dresses in the winter doesn’t always work out well. I like to wear full panel maternity pants/leggings. I feel that I get more support that way. But once you’ve got your clothes on you can add just a couple of accessories to really make the style pop.

Jewelry is an obvious choice. A chunky bracelet or a statement piece necklace can really tie an outfit together. A scarf or neckerchief are also great choices. Neckerchiefs are really in right now and can take a plain solid colored dress up a “fancy” notch or two.

My newly discovered accessory? Hats. Large brimmed hats are a “thing” right now and I. Am. Here. For. It! There is no easier way to bring spring or summer into an outfit like a gorgeous wide brimmed hat. You can also add a scarf/neckerchief around the hat for a little extra flair if you want.

Don’t forget about shoes. I love shoes but I never want to spend any money on shoes but my oh my can they complete an outfit! Heels automatically take an outfit to a new level. There are so many options. Learn more about different types of high heels here.

Be Confident

The most important thing when styling up a modest maternity outfit is how you feel when you wear it. Be confident. I know I can tend to be self conscious about my bump. I can feel people staring. Shining from the inside out is the easiest way to really brighten up an outfit. As Annie says “You’re never fully dressed without a smile!”

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