Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour – Arlington

I have been a Taylor Swift fan since Teardrops On My Guitar. Taylor has helped me through breakup, makeups, girls nights and multiple shower singing sessions. This past Friday I FINALLY got to see her live!! And y’all – did I pick the best tour of hers or what!? She played at AT&T Stadium in Arlington and she set a record for this first artist to play back to back shows at that stadium! Wow!

Get Taylor's Reputation Album Here
Get Taylor’s Reputation Album Here

The lights, screens, graphics, props, stage set up and wardrobe were all on point! Taylor Swift clearly had a hand in everything that was done. You could see her fingerprints everywhere. She isn’t one of those artists that shows up, sings a song someone else put their heart and soul into, and walks off the stage with a wad of cash. Taylor Swift writes her own music. She takes her own life experiences and puts them into musical therapy for others. She’s humble and thankful, knowing she wouldn’t have gotten has far as she as without her fans and staff to support her.

The Squad

I went with a few of my best girlfriends! Nia, Sandy, Lauren and myself all dressed in bright yellow shirts donning our favorite songs titles or lyrics from her Reputation album. We accidentally matched the event staff! Us crazy girls jumped around, screamed (loudly & often) and had our hands up most of the night. After planning this for weeks we even did a fun little song parody of one of Taylor’s songs.  Taylor Swift has bonded us throughout the years, but this Reputation album has really got us close together. Nia, Sandy, Lauren and I were missing one of our people though. Cortnie, our world traveler, is sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, our risen savior, somewhere across the globe. She committed to a year long mission trip before Taylor Swift tickets went on sale. She bummed pretty hard to have to miss it. But she is exactly where she is supposed to be. We missed you Cortnie!


Her openers – Charlie XCX and Camila Cabello were absolutely fantastic. I almost ran out of phone battery just snapping photos and videos of them alone! I knew several songs from both of them and scream/sang them loudly. Charlie XCX wore a clear jacket with a tiny top to match her tiny figure. She was really into audience participation. That girl is going places! Camila blew us away with her live performance. Her singing voice is really beautiful!! She wore a black and white corset and totally rocked it. Her dancing skills are unmatched! I joined in on the singing…and dancing. I somehow made it up on the jumbotron twice.. if that tells you what kind of a fool I was making of myself. Sorry not sorry.

Taylor Swift – A Bionic Woman

Taylor Swift amazed us all with how she could dance, sing and engage her audience without appearing out of breath or remotely tired. Her workout regimen must be military quality! Is she even human?! I can’t walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded, much less dance with heavy makeup, wardrobe, coordination and hair that won’t quit! This girl’s talent continues to amaze me.

There was {actual} fire and giant drums. Huge snakes and smoke drifted around the stage. The lights were bright but not too bright and the music was loud but not too loud. The confetti was small white tissue paper with black lettering resembling a newspaper with Taylor’s face on it. This resembled the Reputation CD cover.

My Favorite Parts

One of my favorite parts of her show was when she sat down at a piano. She opened her heart to her audience, humbly thanked those for helping her with her tour, and sang a mashup of a few oldies but goodies. At one point she just stopped and looked at us. We were all screaming. She looked around the stadium and took it all in. You could see the look on her face was of awe, joy and thankfulness. This was her last location to play this tour in the United States. I could see the nostalgia in her eyes. She then gave us her adorable smirk and kept playing. What a doll!

At one point of her show she visited the sides of the stadium and we got an even closer view of her. Since I’ve been listening to her for so long, its as if I wasn’t seeing her for the first time. I felt like she looked like an old friend that I was overly excited to see. That’s what I love about Taylor. She brings you into her world in such a deep way that you truly feel like you know her.

She played several songs from her Reputation album but also included a few oldies like White Horse, Love Story, Shoulda Said No, Long Live and New Years Eve. My personal favorites from her Reputation album are End Game and Did Something Bad and, obvi, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.

Until Next Time, Tay

We laughed, we cried, we screamed, we danced, we ran out of phone battery and drank all the water! This was a night to remember. Taylor – you rocked it! Can’t wait for your next album and next time I’ll be even closer to the front!

My friend, Nia, posted a blog about her Taylor Experience as well! Go check her out and don’t forget to subscribe while you are there! Click Here to see her post!

Best Friends at Taylor Swift Concert in Arlington TX

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