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Woahhhh we’re half way there…. 20 weeks preggo means you have hit the half way mark! It is time for the anatomy scan! That is where I am currently at and I am loving it. I have a bump so people no longer wonder if I’m pregnant or fat…they just know. Also, I’ve opened a new fashion door of maternity clothes, so that’s fun… and expensive. My best suggestion is to borrow borrow borrow! But enough about the small stuff, lets talk about something very important… the 20 week anatomy scan.

20 week anatomy scan
My 20 Week BumpDate – follow me on insta @callmekatiebug

The 20 Week Anatomy Scan is typically a pivotal moment in your prenatal care. For some of you this may be the first time you are seeing a doctor, for some it may be the third time or more. It all depends on your doctor, your insurance, and your commitment to your prenatal care. But most women go to this appointment because you get to learn so much about your baby!

Here is what you need to know:

Just a heads up, this appointment takes longer than your typical ultrasound. You may be having that ultrasound wand on your belly for 30+ minutes rather than 5ish like normal. This is because there is a lot of measuring, calculating, and searching the doctor has to do. If the baby is extra active, it makes it hard for the doctor to get the information he needs to be sure everything is as it should be with your baby.

At 20 weeks a baby can stretch out the legs, which allows the doctor to measure from head to toe, rather than from head to bottom. Why is this important? This tells the doctor how well your baby is growing. Are the bones the size they should be at 20 weeks?

How about the brain and other vital organs such as the kidneys, lungs and heart? These things may also be measured, letting you and the doctor know if anything is concerning.

The umbilical cord is also looked at closely. Ideally, the umbilical cord will have one vein and two arteries. Sometimes only one artery is present, which could be cause for concern. But this is important information to have!

The most important thing about the 20 week anatomy scan is that the doctor checks for markers that would indicate a chromosomal abnormality. I would mention what those markers are but I can’t pronounce them and its honestly better if you don’t start Googleing your tail off and scaring yourself for no reason.

However, the most FUN thing about the 20 week anatomy scan is that you get to find out the gender of your baby!! If you want to be surprised or are planning a gender reveal party make sure to tell your doctor or the sonographer before you begin the ultrasound.

My 20 Week Anatomy Scan

Here is my update for my 20 week anatomy scan:

My doctor showed me all four chambers of my little GIRL’s heart (yes, a GIRL.. still in glorious shock). Her ticker is crushing it in the blood pumping department. Two kidneys, normal head size and her bones are forming just fine. He showed me a teenie tiny nose bone, which (if present) is a good indicator that she will not have Down Syndrome. She was super wiggly and hid her face most of the time. Her little spine looked to be forming as it should.

20 week ultrasound
Baby Girl at 20 weeks

My favorite part was when she suck her little fist out and began rubbing her fingers together like my husband, Dusty, does when he is thinking. Dusty’s dad does that too! She’s a Morris for sure!


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