5 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging & 5 Steps to Start A Blog

I started a blog as a way to express my creativity in my current environment. I love doing crafts and sewing but hate cleaning up the mess. Blogging is a mess-free zone, which is great for this toddler mom brain! I used to have my own room for all of my creative supplies, but once my son came along all of my things were not only pushed to the side but put away so that it is quite inconvenient if I am really wanting to get crafty. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so beyond blessed to have that little guy in my life and I wouldn’t change a thing! However, my creative space no longer exists.

This is why I love blogging so much. I take my creative space wherever I go! Getting to express myself through words and photos is great – and what makes it even better is that I get to share that creativity with the world!! I love blogging and I think everyone should have their own blog! Why? See the 5 fantastic reasons below…{this post contains affiliate links}

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1. Teaching and Learning

I am a big advocate for sharing information. The more you know, the more you grow! I have learned so many things from all kinds of bloggers. Mom blogs, travel blogs, sewing blogs, food blogs, lifestyle blogs… I’ve learned something from all of these blogs! Sharing information, tips, tricks, ideas… this is what makes the internet a great tool! I’m sure you have some sort of knowledge that someone could learn from, so why not share it and help other people out as well.

2. Therapy

Writing out your ideas and putting them on paper can be quite therapeutic! I know that my blog has already helped me sort out some feelings and ideas that I’ve had about several things. It has helped me realize how my brain works and the patters of behaviors I have developed over the years. Writing can help you heal from past experiences. Also, sharing your thoughts with the world can help you realize that you aren’t alone. That can be therapeutic as well!

3. You Have A Story

Everyone has a story to tell. You know how you see those specials on the major news networks about the lady who had the dog that she found shivering and flea ridden and then scooped him up and transformed his life? Give that dog a blog!! He’s got a story! The woman has a story too! If you are an overcomer, a champion, a survivor, or if your just plain persistent – tell people! Its okay to toot your own horn! A blog is your own space to do such a thing! Who knows, your story might inspire someone else to keep moving forward through their own struggles.

4. You Are In Control

You don’t need experience to start a blog. It is not a job you are hired to do. You create your own content at your own pace. You decide when to post, what to post, and where to post. For those that especially crave control of their lives yet feel so out of control they are helpless – treat yo self – START A BLOG!!

5. It Is EASY!!!

Starting a blog is not difficult. I had a blog running in one day! If you are a picky perfectionist like me, it will never be completed. However, getting an initial set up and website up is easy-peasy!

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Here is my quick summary of how I started my blog

1. Pick your Niche

I picked a niche and a name: Mom/Lifestyle Blog – CallMeKatieBug. There are so many different areas that you could take your blog. Food/Recipes, Style/Beauty, Medical/Care, Holistic Lifestyle, etc. The important thing is to keep it narrow enough that people can go to your site and understand the general idea of what you’ll be talking about. You also want to keep it broad enough so you aren’t boxed in. Starting a dog blog? Don’t just blog about golden retrievers. You’ll eventually run out of material. Start a blog about all dogs or even pets in general. This can open more doors for affiliates and not close you in to one specific idea.

2. Pick your Domain

I say pick your domain name first because you may pick a name for your blog that you love and the domain name is already taken. Try to find a domain that has a .com. To do this you can either go to BlueHost or GoDaddy. I purchased a domain from GoDaddy just because I work in marketing and have worked with that platform before. If you aren’t familiar with GoDaddy, I say go BlueHost. At BlueHost you can be hosted for less than $4 a month! Say What?!! True stuff. BlueHost is what most bloggers choose to host their blog. Click Here to get the deal. I got lucky enough that my name was available, in a .com no less!

3. Set up a Word Press account

WordPress.org, not WordPress.com. There is a difference. If you have any issues, call WordPress or BlueHost and they will help you. Whatever you do… DON’T USE WIX. Wix is great for many things and if you are wanting to have ANY sort of customization or control or even the option, go with WordPress. I started out as Wix and switched after a couple of weeks. If you don’t care to make money from your blog or customize your blog (other than with photos and colors), you can consider Wix. I’ll allow it. Ha!

4. Pick A Theme and start posting

I picked a theme and started posting! Since I am not “theme savvy” I purchased a theme. Check out Elegant Themes to browse. I spent about $40 on my theme and it was WELL worth the money. I was so excited that I chose the first theme I saw. Don’t be like me. Browse, think about how you want your website to be viewed and don’t make a snap decision. Then begin posting!  It took me about a month to really get everything looking how I wanted it to look, so don’t think it has to look perfect at minute one of launch!

Begin posting valuable content. Original thoughts with an easy to read format. A good blog post is typically 1500-ish words. Try posting consistently. You may not have time to crank out a blog post every day. But create a goal to make a post a week, every two weeks or once a month. Definitely set a defined goal for posting frequency.

5. Make Money!!

If you are wanting to sell something or start a small business, I suggest checking out WPEngine, a WordPress booster that will bring your imagination, skills, and vision to life in breakthrough digital experiences. To learn more, click here. You can also create an e-book. Another great idea is to create an e-course through teachable. I created an e-course for budgeting and debt pay off after we paid off $60k of debt in one year. Check it out here! You can also get the hook-up with affiliate links through Share-A-Sale or CJ Affiliates. Keep in mind that it takes a VERY long time to make money from a blog. You have to build a brand…a name for yourself. You have to work hard and realize it is not a millionaire-over-night situation. I made $0 my first two months. Then  made a whopping $7 my third month. Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t rolling around in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck a week after launching your blog. People work for YEARS before they make a solid enough income to quit their day job to blog.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Once you have begun posting, a great way to get your posts seen is on Social Media. Tailwind is my secret weapon. Ok, so its not that big of a secret… but it is flippin’ awesome!!! Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram post scheduler. It has a hashtag generator and you can get your first 100 pins posted FOR FREE! No joke. Get your TAIL (see what I did there) over to Tailwind and sign up today!

Anywho, I hope this post has inspired you to create your own blog! If you have, let me know in the comments below with a link to your blog! Don’t be a stranger!

How To Start A Blog


I am a preeclampsia survivor and a preemie mom making my way through life as a wife, mom, friend and daughter. I enjoy writing, travel and photography, not to mention the Texas Rangers, fishing and quilting!

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